Getting married in the Smoky Mountains

24 Hour Wedding Chapels in Gatlinburg, TN

Many couples find themselves asking this question: “Are there 24-hour wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?” The answer to that is no. There are zero 24 hour wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They do not exist. No, Pigeon Forge doesn't have any either.

A Galtinburg Cabin Elopement During a Pandemic

Ian and Sarah reserved a Gatlinburg wedding with us about four months prior to their scheduled wedding date of early April. Of course, as everyone knows, 2020 turned into an event no one could predict. With the coronavirus measures and everything else that weas sweeping the country, Ian and Sarah decided to still make their wedding date come true. And, we were happy to oblige! They selected our Mountain Memories wedding package and their wedding ceremony took place in front of their cozy fireplace.

Couple gets married at Mynatt Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

3 Reasons a Mynatt Park Wedding is a Great Location for a Gatlinburg Elopement

Mynatt Park is a publicly accessible city park that is only a couple of blocks from the downtown Gatlinburg parkway. While it is city owned and not part of the National Park nearby, it offers a beautiful wood arched footbridge that overlooks a creek. This article will look at 3 reasons a Mynatt Park wedding is a great location for a Gatlinburg elopement.